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MethylPro® was formulated to give our patients the best results – and their results speak volume.

B-Complex + L-Methylfolate

Sept 11, 2015

High quality product

I take these because of the bioavailable forms of b vitamins and the high dose of methylfolate. Hard to find a comparable product at a good price elsewhere. I have had great success with methylfolate supplementation!

By Alex

March 7, 2016


Thanks for offering such a great product at a great price. This is the best supplement I've ever taken and I've tried many. Will be using for years to come.

By Kevin M.

Apr 15, 2016


I found out about MethylPro® from my younger brother. He and I have both suffered from severe depression for many years. He told me all about MTHFR. I started at 10mg and am now moving up to 15mg. I've noticed significant improvement in mood and in my peripheral neuropathy. Thank you MethylPro®!

By Michael B.

Jun 3, 2014

No longer on Prozac

I heard about this product from a friend, and within a week am completely off my 8 year long ritual of Prozac and feeling better than ever. While not prescribed by my doctor, my body is saying this feels much better and I feel alert, focused, NOT depressed, and sharp! Thank you.

By Barbara

Jul 13, 2015

Better than prescription

When my health insurance quit covering the prescription for 5-MTHF, I went looking for an alternative. MethylPro® is more effective, and cheaper!

By Eddie

Jul 9, 2016

Very helpful with mood

When my insurer stopped paying for Deplin, my psychiatrist recommended Methylfolate. I've found this to be very helpful with mood.

By Mick

Oct 29, 2016


There are not enough words I can say about how this product HAS CHANGED MY LIFE!!!!! YEARS of Horrible Depressed days, with MANY Antidepressants & Didn't work..... This product has literally been a MIRACLE for me. I started taking this about 55 days ago & I could tell the difference by the end of the 1st month! Now, EVERYONE is making comments about how good I look & making comments to others about how well I'm doing & questioning what is it!!!! Thank You, from the bottom of my heart!!!

By Charlotte R.

Feb 8, 2017

I really depend on this medication for my antidepressants to work

I had been taking Deplin for about 5 years. In January 2016, my insurance company stopped covering it. I couldn't afford to pay $200 or so per month for Deplin out of pocket. I was lucky enough to find this. It has been a good substitute. I have told my new doctor about L-Methylfolate. He has started prescribing it to his other patients who take antidepressants. I really depend on this medication for my antidepressants to work.

By Sarah

Jun 10, 2017

a new life

Methyl Pro, has been a wonderful gift to me. I feel and act like a different person, I had giving up hope and hated living, I am so happy! I don't recall ever feeling the peace I feel now...I feel good about myself and happy to be alive... In 65 yrs I never felt the calm and peace I feel now... Life is good!!

By Joan L.

Jun 20, 2017

Took away my fibromyalgia

As nearly everyone here, I started on Deplin but insurance quit paying but it is key to taking away my fibromyalgia. So I researched and tried this brand. It's been absolutely awesome and much more affordable. I highly recommend this brand for those with MTHFR mutations. My kids have it too. It makes them concentrate and think better!

By Margaret

Dec 24, 2014


This product is excellent. It does not have the fillers that Deplin contains. I highly recomend it. It is highly researched for the MTHFR GENETIC defect, although I recommend it to all my patients whether they have the genetic defect or not. The cost is equal or less than Deplin. The use of this product is a win win.

By Dr. Nina Gentile

L-Methylfolate + Cofactors

Jul 19, 2016


I thought with a confirmation of genetic need for methylfolate, my insurance would cover it. Not a chance. I didn't really want to support the pharmaceutical company's patent on a natural supplement, anyway, so I was very happy to find MethylPro®. I too found that this particular formulation works best for me.

By Cheryl

Mar 6, 2017

Powerful stuff!

Works great, I no longer have cravings and I feel good. The reasonable pricing is awesome as well!

By Joey

Mar 7, 2017

Better than Deplin alone

These products were recommended by my physician.  I tried all three versions available here. L-Methylfolate is identical in quality and efficacy to Deplin, as far as I could tell. The version with cofactors makes a noticeable difference in how I feel on a daily basis. Thank you for offering these products.

By Katie

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