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What is an MTHFR Polymorphism?

When a baby is conceived, they inherit 2 copies of every gene; one from each parent. MTHFR is the name of one particular gene, out of thousands, that each person has 2 copies of. The gene codes for an enzyme called “methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase”, which is responsible for the conversion of dietary folate (vitamin B-9 or…

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MethylPro® and Deplin® Comparison

“Deplin” is a registered trademark of Alfasigma USA, Incorporated. It is classified as a medical “food” although it comes in a capsule and requires a prescription to attain. Deplin® boasts that it is specially formulated to meet the nutritional needs of those suffering from depression, however, the only “active ingredient” described to target depression is…

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Why are Vitamins Important?

If you’re scrolling through natural health posts on social media or internet blogs, you may have noticed a hot debate topic these days seems to be whether or not we really need supplemental vitamins and minerals when we think we’re eating a clean and balanced diet. About half of all Americans take a multivitamin [1],…

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