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L-Methylfolate Strengths

Strengths of L-Methylfolate

L-Methylfolate 5 mg + Cofactors
Product No. 00817
30 CAPS | 5 mg
Part#: 00817
Units: 30 CAPS

Key B vitamins work in concert to accomplish vital metabolic processes. L-methylfolate performs several roles assisted by cofactors that may be in short supply due to depletion by common medications…

L-Methylfolate 1 mg
Product No. 00800
90 CAPS | 1 mg
Part#: 00800
Units: 90 CAPS

L-Methylfolate is the activated form of folate found in food and used by the body for many biochemical reactions. Folate supports mood, heart, and nerve health as well as normal fetal development.…

L-Methylfolate 15 mg + Cofactors
Product No. 00803
30 CAPS | 15 mg
Part#: 00803
Units: 30 CAPS

L-Methylfolate + Cofactors includes two B-vitamins and the mineral magnesium for the optimal metabolism of L-methylfolate. In addition to the methyl groups supplied by L-methylfolate, these cofactors…